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Some went so far as to argue that implementing fair equal opportunity in an uncompromising way and without regard to other values would require abolishing the traditional family. On that basis, some scholars have argued that inequalities arising from differences in choice are not only just but necessary, to give personal responsibility its due. That view is sometimes described as luck egalitarianism.

The Ideal of Equality

Luck egalitarianism has its critics, however. Given the social forces to which each person is subject, the distinction between choice and circumstance, or between brute luck and option luck, is not always easy to draw in a plausible way. But even if a satisfactory way of drawing those distinctions could be found, there is still the worry that luck egalitarianism is too harsh in the way that it holds people responsible for their foolish or reckless behaviour.

It seems to imply that those who end up needy as a result of their own imprudence can justly be forced to bear the costs of their choices. So people who choose to smoke in full knowledge of the risks involved and develop lung cancer may have no entitlement to the health care that they need but cannot afford.

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Uncompromising luck egalitarians may insist that they have no objection to voluntary schemes to help those with self-inflicted needs but that they regard the forcible extraction of taxes to help those who are responsible for their plight as sanctioning the exploitation of the prudent. Others, however, may concede that luck egalitarianism should be supplemented with a further principle of justice , such as, for example, a principle holding that the needy—that is, those whose condition falls below some threshold—are entitled to support regardless of how their needs arose.

Critics of equal opportunity

Although there is widespread agreement that equal opportunity is a requirement of justice, there are also critics of the principle. Dissenters on the left argue that equal opportunity is simply a way to legitimate inequalities of wealth and income that are inherently unjust. Another challenge comes from libertarians , who argue that employers are entitled to fill vacant positions within their workforce with whomever they want, for whatever reason they want.

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  • According to that view, the entitlement of employers to decide who should work for them on whatever basis they choose is grounded in their property rights. Equal opportunity. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback.

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    Introduction Fairness and equality Luck egalitarianism Critics of equal opportunity. Written By: Andy Mason. See Article History.

    Fairness and equality Many believe that equal opportunity requires that advantaged positions be subject to open competition. Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. This means that each and every person in this country has a purpose, and has the rights to be able to pursue anything because of the equality. America is a free country, so every person no matter who they are, citizens are able to express themselves in any way, believe what they choose, and live how they want, by still being equal human beings among each and every person.

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    The word equality did not appear in the constitution until about because our nation just then started to understand the importance of this. This ideal of equality was in some ways contradicted because around this time period slavery still existed and not all people were completely considered equal because of different racial, gender, or other factors that might have made them different from any other "typical" portrayal of an American citizen.

    Once our country had finally come into full understanding of the term equality, actions were taken to make sure equality was there among all people.

    Holberg Prize Symposium 2007: Equality in Ideal Moral Theory and Real Political