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Supramolecular polymeric biomaterials. Joseph L.

Precision polymers: from chemistry to innovative biomedical applications - Michael Malkoch

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1st Edition

Yu, G. Agmon and E. Appel, Biomater.

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Polymeric Biomaterials, Revised and Expanded

The issues that these couplings were intended to address remain unsolved. An ability to create a resurfacing implant is an attractive prospect, particularly in younger patient cohorts, where underlying bone remains healthy, leaving the option to revise to a total hip at a later date. This type of implant requires a thinwall section that can only be achieved using a stiff and strong material.

Another high-performing section of bearing materials that has seen a return to orthopedics is ceramics. These materials have been paired against polyethylenes, metal, or as a self-mating material. The reports for these have been similar to those of metallic components but with reduced wear and reduced patient sensitivity to the material and any wear debris.

Polymeric biomaterials in tissue engineering.

However, ceramics are not without their problems. Production of these materials is not a simple route and incurs a high cost, often resulting in significantly higher device pricing.

Additionally, due to the brittle nature of the material, there have been reports of implant fracture both during insertion and during service. The second volume, Polymeric Biomaterials: Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Applications, addresses processing of polymeric biomaterials into specific forms that ensure biocompatibility and biodegradability for various uses in the medical and pharmaceutical arenas.

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  • Supramolecular polymeric biomaterials - Biomaterials Science (RSC Publishing);
  • Supramolecular polymeric biomaterials - Biomaterials Science (RSC Publishing).
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The chapters address numerous medical issues including pulmonary disease, cancer, heart disease, tissue damage, and bone disease. The applications covered include a variety of drug delivery systems, medical devices, anticancer therapies, biological uses for hydrogels, nanotechnology, bioartificial organs, and tissue engineering.

Polymeric Biomaterials, Revised and Expanded: 2nd Edition (Hardback) - Routledge

This third edition set presents new and substantially revised topics, providing a comprehensive reference of the latest developments and the most up-to-date applications of biomaterials in medicine. Ihr Name:. Folgen Sie uns beck-shop.