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From a young age he began to study the system of Wing Chun, and in consequence he became a master of martial arts. Ip Man - one of the few to have learned the authentic system of Wing Chun. He became an outstanding master of this style, a genius in the world of martial arts. In addition to the creation of Chinese Kung Fu and promotion of its development in many countries of the world, he has trained many students.

116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques

In old age, a few years before his death, when Master Ip Man "closed his doors" stopped training students , he decided to film the whole series of wooden dummy techniques to show the correct way to its execution. A series of photographs of wooden dummy technique was not complete, as Master Ip Man intended them for a narrow circle of followers of the style. In his youth, the techniques of Ip Man with a dummy contained movements, divided into 10 parts for practical purposes.

Later, Master Ip Man moved to Hong Kong, opened a school and began to teach the students before that Wing Chun kung fu was a secret style of kung-fu.

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The photos of the wooden dummy techniques have spread out all over the world and it is no longer a secret. The daily practice of Bruce Lee included work on a wooden dummy. Who taught Bruce Lee to work on a wooden dummy? Ip Man did not disclose the technique, Yip Chun neither.

Wing Chun: Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques

In the photo, the wooden dummy of Bruce Lee was not executed correctly, however the dummy was in working order - which means that Bruce Lee had worked a lot on it. The answer to the question is there "Jeet Kune Do" in the book published by John Little - : "Bruce learned how to work on a dummy all by himself, developing his technique relying on basic skills. Theoretically, we can state that there is a no particular theory of operation of a wooden dummy. Confirmation of this - Sil Lim Shaolin Monastery - founded in by an Indian Buddhist monk Bhadra , where a wooden dummy appeared long before the founding of Wing Chun as an independent style.

Leung Ting

Wing Chun as a system of martial art was conceived about three years ago. According to Chinese legend, the founder of the style is a nun named Ngu Mei, the only one of the five masters who has survived the destruction and burning of the Shaolin Temple. Her knowledge she passed on to an orphan girl, whom she named Wing Chun, which means "Eternal Spring". After Chun perfectly absorbed the system, she left Ngu Mei and began to organize competitions in martial arts.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy Techniques Mook Jong Training - Section 3 Part 1

The Wing Tsun wooden dummy is thought to have originated in the Shaolin Wooden Man Hall where a trainee of the Monastery would have to navigate down the hall as his or her final test. According to Shaolin traditions, women were not permitted in the monasteries. The story of the female elder is said to have been a story created by secret societies as a cover. The truth is clouded by history having been handed down verbally or just recorded in popular novels. He would accidentally trigger the dummies by stepping on certain planks in the floor.

Wooden dummies were, like chi sau, probably not invented but rather developed through history.

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Several martial arts have their own versions of wooden dummies as part of their ancient history. More Detail You will be redirected to 2Checkout.

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