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Microsimulation as a modelling tool in social sciences has increased in importance over the last few decades. Once restricted to a handful of universities and government departments, as a scientific field it has achieved a new dynamism during the last decade. As computing power increases and data availability becomes more widespread, microsimulation models can be put to hitherto unprecedented uses.

Closing the gender gap in pensions: A microsimulation analysis of the Norwegian NDC pension system

Edited by leading experts in the field, this book illustrates recent advances, methodologies and uses of socioeconomic microsimulation in social sciences around the world. It does so by analysing new grounds covered in microsimulation and exploring new applications in traditional fields.

permanent residence pathway for caregivers now open to applications in Canada 2019.

As such, the chapters - grouped into five sections: new methods and methodology; pensions; financial crisis and austerity measures; health; and poverty - present recent, innovative and challenging work in various fields that is not just relevant for those in that field, but that might also inspire scholars from the other disciplines to broaden their minds to new and exciting uses of this established methodology.

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Simulating the Need for Health- and Elderly Care in Sweden – a Model Description of Sesim-LEV

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    Thorne, F. Measuring the Competitiveness of Irish Agriculture Quantification of risks associated with plant disease: the case of Karnal bunt of wheat. Dunne, W. O'Connell